Over the last three decades, MBL has played a major part in breathtaking developments in the worldwide audio sector. MBL accompanied and influenced the birth and growth of high-end audio equipment. MBL’s goal remains unchanged: developing the most advanced speakers and audio players worldwide plus the establishment of a standard above all competitors – with the highest possible demand on quality. Every single MBL component is man-made, from development and design to the manufacturing, testing and listening – from the idea to the finished product. Your judgement, your emotion, is what counts at MBL.


CAT’s mission is to help their clients to enjoy uncompromised quality sound in their homes, yachts, recording studios and airplanes. Since CAT’s inception in 1990, their systems became the choice of top recording engineers, “A” list music performing artists, actors, producers, directors, and discerning clients worldwide. They have designed, engineered, installed, and calibrated CAT systems in elite recording studios, home theaters, outdoor venues, mega yachts, and large scale private aircraft throughout the world. If you can dream it, they will not only build it – they will perfect it.


Designed using the most sophisticated technologies, Waterfall’s patented Acoustic Damping Tube technology, allows proper functioning of sound replication in glass. Individually assembled by hand with the greatest care in Southern France, each piece reflects a passion for excellence and the idea of French luxury tradition in acoustics. Where many try to hide ungraceful speakers, you will enjoy integrating glass pieces into your living spaces. Just like a special piece of jewelry, your room becomes the jewel case - a mutual showcase. A selection of models are available for immediate delivery.

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