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HSS Home Care

As a leading technology company, we understand the importance of providing high quality and reliable technical support to our clients. No matter how sophisticated or simple your home technology is, you can rest assured that there are always HSS staff members ready to help you! Each family we work with is unique and expects different levels of response time and attention. Because of that, we created multiple service membership options to provide personalized support that is right for you and your Family. Each of our memberships come with different features and guaranteed response time. No matter which membership you select, we promise to deliver personal, first-class home automation services every time you need it.

  • VIP
  • Price on request
  • The VIP plan is our Ultimate 'all-in' performance and monitoring solution for your home. It starts with all the benefits of the Premier plan aandn adds 6 service visits annually.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support
  • 6 Annual Service Visits
  • Sign Up
  • $550/month
  • Our best standard plan includes 24/7/365 remote system support, complimentary on-site service hours, monthly performance visits and 12 benefits.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support
  • Monthly Performance Visits
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  • $300/month
  • Get 'round the clock monitoring, one hour remote response and 7 other benefits including network management.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support
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  • $150/hr
  • Remote and on-site service provided and billed by the hour
  • Limited to business hours
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*Initial equipment and setup to provide remote monitoring if required will incur a one-time charge of $2500.

Download the plan here.


We strongly recommend our plans, but you can still access our fantastic service and support team for assistance. As a non-member, you'll be billed for the time for any help, whether remote or on-site.

What's Included

Plan members get 24/7/365 support and service. Non-plan members are limited to business hours and have lower priority scheduling status than plan members, and none of benefits. Still undecided? Call us for and we'll work you through all the options. We'll work diligently to meet your needs and your budget.

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